Total Solar Eclipse 2017
August 21, Green River Lake, Wyoming

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Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, as seen from Green River Lake, Wyoming. I truly believe this was the most beautiful spot in the entire path across the United States - the first total
eclipse here in the continental US since 1979. I picked this spot out three years ago, and with an iffy cloud forecast, we almost left the area the day before. But the final update from the
National Weather Service said the clouds - those you see in the distance above - would exit our area in time, and we stuck it out, camping overnight in 30 degree weather. The last cloud - this is
no joke - exited the sun's disk at 10:16am, with the eclipse beginning at 10:17am MDT (first contact). It was an epic eclipse in an epic location.

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This photo shows more accurately how dark it gets:
Looks good as a square print too!