Southern Africa

October 24

See photography from my May-June 2015 trip to
Southern Africa: Namibia, Cape Town (South Africa),
Victoria Falls and Chobe, Botswana. Updates in progress.

Clockwise at right: Cape Town aerial; sunset over
Damaraland, Namibia; the famous
Dead Vlei, Namibia; a
Namaqua Chameleon snatches a victim in the Namib

Recently posted photo events:

Nov. 1: World Series panorama

Oct 31: Atlas 5 GPS 2F-11

June-July: Southern Africa trip (gallery in progress)
Photo Archive: Missions & Retirement
I photographed the space shuttle program from 1999-2011, covering around 30 missions.

Endeavour Flight Deck (powered)       Atlantis Flight Deck       Discovery Flight Deck       Atlantis Parade & Museum       Endeavour departure for California       Discovery departure for Smithsonian

STS-135       STS-134       STS-133       STS-132       STS-131       STS-130       STS-129       STS-128       STS-127       STS-125       STS-119

STS-126       STS-124       STS-123       STS-122       STS-120       STS-118       STS-117       STS-116       STS-115       STS-121       STS-114

STS-107       STS-109       STS-100       More shuttle photos
Flight Decks

See the inside of the space shuttle. Purchase a print
of the lighted flight deck just like it was during a

Endeavour (above)
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