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New Horizons

June 14

Nine years and six months after its launch, the New
Horizons spacecraft f
lew past Pluto on July 14, becoming
the first visitor from Earth to do so

Check out newly redone photo galleries of New Horizons'
launch and processing on the ground.

Cleanroom Gallery

Launch Gallery
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WGS-7 sunset

July 15: Atlas 5 GPS 2F-10
Photo Archive: Missions & Retirement
I photographed the space shuttle program from 1999-2011, covering around 30 missions.

Endeavour Flight Deck (powered)       Atlantis Flight Deck       Discovery Flight Deck       Atlantis Parade & Museum       Endeavour departure for California       Discovery departure for Smithsonian

STS-135       STS-134       STS-133       STS-132       STS-131       STS-130       STS-129       STS-128       STS-127       STS-125       STS-119

STS-126       STS-124       STS-123       STS-122       STS-120       STS-118       STS-117       STS-116       STS-115       STS-121       STS-114

STS-107       STS-109       STS-100       More shuttle photos
Flight Decks

See the inside of the space shuttle. Purchase a print
of the lighted flight deck just like it was during a

Endeavour (above)
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