Discovery supplies the station on STS-131
4/5/10 ~ 6:21:25am

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Soaring into the spectacular pre-dawn twilight, Discovery's 38th and penultimate journey into space, and the final shuttle night launch,
supplied the International Space Station using the reusable Leonardo Multipurpose Logistics Module and delivered a new ammonia tank.
Launch took place in a spectacular pre-dawn twilight, and widely considered one of the prettier shuttle launches in memory. The main
engine plume was visible in a rare show as the shuttle traveled well downrange, hundreds of miles up the East Coast of the United States.

Orbiter belly       **RARE PHOTOS: Discovery lifted in VAB**

STS-131 crew arrives for TCDT       Discovery rolls out to Pad 39A       STS-131 payload canister lift

Remote setup morning sunrise       Sunrise over press site       RSS rollback       Landing       Tow back to OPF

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