Falcon 9 launches - and LANDS - on ORBCOMM OG2-2 mission
12/21/15 ~ 8:29pm

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ORBCOMM OG2 mission 1 photos

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket makes history as it launches the 11 remaining ORBCOMM OG2 satellites on the rocket's first flight
since a June launch failure -- and then LANDS its first stage under its own power back at Cape Canaveral. It is the first
orbital rocket in history to recover itself under power for potential reuse. After previous attempts to land on a floating
platform at sea (see
CRS-6), this was the first attempt to reverse course and touch down back at Cape Canaveral,
succeeding on the first try.

Falcon 9 at sunrise

<--- CRS-7 / SpX-7                                                             SES-9 --->
The ten-minute long timelapse exposure below shows the launch (main streak), and then the reentry and landing engine burns of the first stage as it falls back towards Florida. The wide-angle
lens makes the landing approach on the right look much less vertical than it actually was: