Atlas 5 launches Cygnus OA-4 (Orb-4) for Orbital Sciences
12/6/15 ~ 4:44pm

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A United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket launches the Orbital ATK (formerly Orbital Sciences) Cygnus module on its fourth
resupply flight to the ISS, known as OA-4 (formerly Orb-4). The mission came as a result of the failed launch of the Antares
rocket in October of 2014 from Wallops Island, Virginia, in which the rocket exploded just after lifting off. This is the first
of two Cygnus resupply missions that will launch aboard Atlas 5 rockets from Cape Canaveral, before the Antares rocket returns
to flight in 2016. This was also the first mission in 27 straight Atlas 5 flights to have a scrub (due to weather in this case)
over a 40 month period since August 2012. Photos this page credit United Launch Alliance.

Atlas 5 rollout       **Atlas 5 sunset**       **Atlas 5 at night**       Rocket after scrub

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